The Meraki people

The Meraki people

Innovative Collaborative Hubs-YEAST economy/ Summer School

Innovative Collaborative Hubs: Meraki People is a social impact enterprise in Greece that, with the support of a network of 1045 people, transforms 24 declining rural communities into thriving Innovative Collaborative Hubs. Visitors from around the world are traveling to the region of Parnonas and spend 7 days collaborating with the locals working on business solutions that bring socio-economic impact into those local communities. All the solutions are designed based on the values of spirituality, holistic sustainability, and respect of the Arcadian nature and its people. “Meraki” in Greek is the passion, dexterity, perseverance, dedication a creator puts in his/her work. “Meraki People” thus is the place & the state of mind created to unfold young people’s creativity, entrepreneurship and innovative engineering with the goal of building a new happy community and a replicable model for the world.  Building enterprise through culture, history and local way of life

YEAST economy:  We invited Dr Pauli Gunter to come and talk to us about the “YEAST economy” where we are – use what you have – do what you can a) from waste to useful raw materials and b) produce with sustainable raw materials using enzymes and fungi ( kambutcha, mushrooms on olive brunches, natural yeast bread, local brewery practices and wine making, etc.) engaging the Academic/Scientific, business, investments, NGOs and LOCAL communities to use the ecosystem as a source of business, inspired by nature.

Examples of learning community:

Fishing without nets, &

Bio fuels from algae

Summer School: Hands-on. Summer School inspired by the blue economy



Name of the Ecomuseum: The Meraki people – Mt. Parnonas

Geographical location: Greece, region of Lakonia, Agiannis

Year of establishment: 2018

Network: n/a.