Menalon Trail

Menalon Trail

Menalon Trail

MENALON TRAIL is a 75-km long trail in the heart of Peloponnese which connects traditional villages and significant natural and cultural heritage sites of the whole area. Starting from Stemnitsa, the village of goldsmiths and following ancient trails, it ends in Lagadia, the stone-made village. It is the 1st certified trail in Greece and the 10th in Europe with the certification “Leading Quality trail” from the European Ramplers Association. The creation of Menalon trail, the first certified trail in Greece with the certification “Leading Quality trail” of the European Ramplers’ Association, has resulted from the will of volunteers and residents to preserve and enhance the cultural and natural reserves of the area and the emergence of a new production model that would mobilize all sectors of the local economy.



Name of the Ecomuseum: Menalon Trail

Geographical location: Greece, Arkadia Region

Year of establishment: 2015

Network: Leading Quality Trails