House of Batana

House of Batana

Mala barka/ Riding on a batana / Festival of Mali Škver

Mala barka – Preservation of the Naval Heritage of the North Adriatic: The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund from the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia. As part of the project, Ecomuseum Batana collaborates in the establishment of the Academy of Traditional Maritime Trades, in launching shipbuilding workshops in the Rovinj shipyard, in restoration of the oldest batana “Risorta”, in organising events related to the promotion of traditional shipbuilding and maritime heritage, in establishing an e-Center of Excellence and launching an online database of Western Istria maritime heritage.

Riding on a batana – From the Mali Mol to Spacio Matika -A rowing trip on a batana is a unique and memorable experience of the town for all its visitors! This magical experience normally begins at sunset, and as night falls, the “sviće” (lights) are turned on, which the boat is always equipped with for night fishing, and the ‘Rovinj trip of dreams’ starts from Mali Mol around the peninsula of the old town’s centre, to Spacio Matika where the Ecomuseum’s gastronomic-musical evenings continue. Your hosts are the owners of Rovinj batana boats and members of the Ecomuseum, the barkarioli (boatmen) who, with joy and Rovinj’s special charm, will make this experience of Rovinj ‘from the batana perspective’ unforgettable!

Festival of Mali Škver – batana building and evening of fishing culture: The almost ritualistic process of batana creation, which has been built in the same way for centuries (without the aid of modern tools), is followed by all sections of Rovinj’s society and numerous visitors to the town, evening after evening in the Mali Škver. The experience is further enriched by events which celebrate the culinary, musical and overall maritime culture of Rovinj. So from mid-June to late August every Wednesday and Sunday, along with concerts of traditional Rovinj music, visitors are offered culinary specialities prepared by members of the Ecomuseum, and the earnings from these sales are used for the development and innovation of our activities.



Name of the Ecomuseum: House of Batana

Geographical location: Croatia, Istria, Rovinj

Year of establishment: 2004

Network: CultuRecovery-central Europe