Ecomuseum of Valle of cartiere

Ecomuseum of Valle of cartiere

Living Treasures/ Ecomuseum guide

Living treasures: this project is targeted to the resident population still possessing traditional knowledge (how to make small dry stone walls, Easter doves, straw-woven chairs, etc..), named the Living Treasures of the Ecomuseum. A video has been made on this theme.

Ecomuseum guide: A guide to the territory has been produced; it consists of four itineraries including the historical centres of Maderno and Toscolano, the area between the two towns, the Valley of Paper Mills and the hamlets. For this purpose, a preliminary survey was conducted to recover the traditions, the names of ancient districts, forgotten legends and curiosities, with a view to proposing alternative itineraries touching places, monuments, and tangible and intangible assets that are not usually included in tourist routes. Its purpose is to raise awareness of ecomuseum themes among the local population, providing it with a helpful tool to gain knowledge of its own territory and its own traditions, and offering to visitors a comprehensive guide to the ecomuseum.



Name of the Ecomuseum: Ecomuseo Valle delle Cartiere Toscolano Maderno

Geographical location: Italy, Lombardy region, province of Brescia

Year of establishment: 2008

Network: Rete Ecomusei Lombardi – REL