Ecomuseum of the Hills and Wine

Ecomuseum of the Hills and Wine

The systems

The Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino(Ecomuseum of Wine and Hills)  is organised in nine Systems, which represent the main themes of the relationship between humans and the environment. Within the Ecomuseum visitors find educational panels for each System, each having a different colour, with detailed texts, showing images and evocative and symbolic objects. Visitors may choose among different itineraries, to come into contact with the real aspects of the Systems.

Nature and landscape: badlands

Architecture and the territory: Serravalle castle

Man and landscape: working in the fields

Humans and animals: animal husbandry

The territory and its inhabitants: the first censuses

The post-war period and rebuilding efforts in the area

Popular culture and traditions: folklore

Archaelogy and territory

The good practices implemented by the ecomuseum basically concern how to manage events in which you welcome visitors providing them with useful information to understand the characteristics of the area, its history and products, in which the promotion of high-quality local products is emphasised, and the separate waste collection is implemented.



Name of the Ecomuseum: Ecomuseo della collina e del vino

Geographical location: Italy, Emilia Romagna region, province of Bologna

Year of establishment: 2004

Network: Network of Emilia Romagna’s ecomuseums