Ecomuseo AMI – Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea

Ecomuseo AMI – Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea

AMI museum network – Route of the AMI Romanesque churches– The ice footprint

The AMI MUSEUM NETWORK has been in existence for 8 years:  it has opened to the public a dozen small museums, situated in 10 different villages of the morainic anphitheatre of Ivrea  (AMI) over the June to October period and run by young people, preferably from the same area  and enrolled in universities, regularly employed on fixed-term contracts. In 8 years nearly 40,000 people have visited the museums that previously were opened only at the request of school groups and on the occasion of the feast day of the village patron saint.

The ROUTE OF THE AMI ROMANESQUE CHURCHES opens the doors of a dozen Romanesque churches, some being characterised by the presence of a ‘portico-bell tower’ (the bell tower located in the middle of the façade leading to the entrance of the church). The  portico –bell tower, common in neighbouring French areas, is virtually unknown in other Italian places. It is estimated that these churches, often abandoned for decades, have seen, over the last 4 years, about 8,000 visitors.

Museum Site “THE ICE FOOTPRINT” : the morainic anphitheatre of Ivrea  (AMI) is a natural setting, whose existence was recognised delatedly (in the first half of the 19th century), despite its excellent state of preservation, its perfect distinguishability and its good ecological status. The AMI Ecomuseum has promoted and still promotes its knowledge through a number of actions:

  • an intensive two-week programme including conferences, guided tours, exhibitions and dedicated performances;
  • the production and printing of 5,000 copies of an explanatory booklet;
  • a travelling exhibition that has touched over 30 different locations and schools in the province of Turin; and lastly
  • the setting up, opening and constant updating of a museum site focused on the genesis, morphology and the distinctive features of this morainic anphiteatre which is the most beautiful in Italy.
  • A weekly NEWSLETTER to inform its members and approximately 800 adressees about the events promoted by the Ecomuseum, its Associate members and other cultural actors in the area.



Name of the Ecomuseum: Ecomuseo AMI – Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea

Geographical location: Italy, Piedmont region, province of Turin

Year of establishment: 2008

Network: Piedmont Ecomuseum Network Association